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Aged Care Providers’ Safety Tips for Living Independently at Home

Most elderly Australians are willing to live independently at home as they grow older. That is why Authentic Life Care Assist, one of Sydney’s premier Aged Care Providers, gives some helpful hints for assisting older individuals in remaining independent and safe at home.


Tips for Keeping Yourself Independent and Safe at Home

The first step in keeping older individuals safe in their own homes should be to eliminate potential sources of trip risks.

Levelling uneven surfaces, decluttering stuff, correcting bad lighting, and putting frequently used devices such as cell phones within easy reach are all on the list. All of these things can help lessen the risk of falls, which can be frightening for seniors and their loved ones. Wearing ill-fitting shoes is another common cause of elders stumbling. Make certain that the elderly wear only well-fitting, non-slippery shoes. When the elderly stay at home alone, home safety is often a serious concern. As a result, it’s critical to be aware of your surroundings ahead of time and take the necessary precautions to safeguard your safety.

If you’re leaving your elderly relative alone at home, double-check that all doors and windows are securely fastened. Even more clumsy blunders might now compromise online safety and privacy. As a result, teach the elderly about online security and privacy. Also, tell them not to answer any dubious calls or allow strangers into the house, especially if they are alone. Another critical step is to have an emergency plan in place, complete with emergency contact information and an “emergency essentials” box including your prescription and other important items.

Ascertain that the elderly receive the proper medication at the appropriate time. What are my choices for help?

Remember that assistance is accessible to you, so don’t be afraid to ask. Most aged care providers in Sydney can provide personal care, domestic help, and transportation assistance, as well as daily calls with reminders to do the things you need to do, such as scheduling and attending medical appointments, or remembering to check that your doors and windows are properly locked.

It’s also crucial to stay connected to the people around you, not only for social reasons but also to discuss any issues you may have, such as if your door won’t lock or your refrigerator isn’t working.