Here we discuss five main things to see for a disability service provider. Authentic Life Care is registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and provides facilities for disabled people. It’s your option to select the most effective service provider who you get your support and what variety of service you may attain.

Authentic life care is a service provider for disabled people to manage their household just like light domestic cleaning, changing bed sheets, assisted travel/transport scheme, community nursing care, innovative community participation and interpretation/translation.


There are some key points before you take NDIS plans.

1.  Does the provider understand the NDIS, and what can they do to help you navigate the NDIS process?

Firstly, it is very important to understand the NDIS, some service providers provide better services and the best knowledge about NDIS. Make sure who the service provider uses must be responsive to your query. Besides, some service provider has arranged physical meetings with you to make plans and help you throughout the service and fulfill your goals to attain it.

Authentic Life Care helps to develop your daily living and life skills focus on developing the activities undertaken by you and your work to increase your ability to live as autonomously as possible Short and long term supports attentive on firming your ability to coordinate your supports including support connection and coordination of supports and life stage planning including mentoring peer support and individual skill growth


2.  Easy to understand Service Agreements

A Service Agreement is an agreement between the service provider and the person who avail the services to explain which services are provided by the service provider and it is for ease of the person who takes those services which support their NDIS plans.

Service Agreement also helps you to understand the following points:

  1. Terms and conditions.
  2. Cost of the service and how they will pay their bill.

3.  Do they specialise in disability support?

Some NDIS service providers have specialised staff and some do not. Some service providers provide different types of facilities for disable people. Authentic Life Care has specialised staff and provides specialized services for men, women, children and their families.

You make a confident decision which service provides you to select and who understands your need.

4.  Can they tailor their support to help you meet your goals?

By choice, you have to select a service provider who can support your requirements and fulfill it by providing their best services to you and help you to get them to achieve their goals.

Participator has special needs, so consider your services to provide activities and projects in local societies are an indispensable component in getting the best out of the participation, capacity, and inclusion of incapacitated people in society.


5.  Do they have policies, and a strong commitment to, safeguards and to ensure quality?

Authentic Life Care service provider is registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, they have signed up with NDIS term of business and safeguards and the national quality.

When you select a non-registered NDIS service provider make sure about your selection for their services either they provide a satisfied and suitable level of quality and safeguard.

NDIS registered providers also have to obey several of laws, guidelines, policies and service standards, which non-registered providers may not obey.

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