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How to have your NDIS plan reviewed

Have you faced any issues with your NDIS plan? Did you know that you can request a plan review at any time?

Requesting a plan review in 5 easy steps

To begin, it’s crucial to note that not all plan reviews are successful. Your review could be refused, and in some situations, your money could be reduced as a result of it. So make sure you just request a review if you’re assured it’ll be positive.

If you’re ready to move forward, the first thing you should do is call the Local Area Coordinator (LAC) with whom you had your initial planning meeting.

They may be able to make immediate changes to your plan in certain circumstances. In case they can’t change themselves, don’t surrender; here’s how to demand an authority audit of your NDIS plan.

Step 1: Do some research.

You must understand the NDIS’s rules on reviewable decisions before requesting a review. If you disagree with a decision made by the NDIS about your plan, you can appeal it – first to the NDIS, then to an external tribunal if you still believe the issue hasn’t been handled.

Step 2: Compose a Request for a Review.

”This is your chance to speak up, so be sure to state that the survey is about your NDIS plan and why you can’t help but disagree with the NDIS’s choice.

While it’s an emotional subject, instead of using emotive language, try to keep focused on the practical challenges you’d like to change.

If plan management is part of your review, you must request it; however, keep in mind that plan management will fall under the area of “Improve Your Life Decisions” in your plan.

Remember that, with a few exceptions, it is your legal right to have a plan for your arrangement remembered by the board.

Requesting support coordination is a little different because it depends on whether the planner feels it’s appropriate and necessary for you to get these services. You’ll need to demonstrate your eligibility by concentrating on why you’d benefit from help identifying and connecting with local service providers.

Step 3: Submitting your Review Request

You can submit your request in several methods, including speaking with someone at an NDIS office, calling 1800 800 110, sending an email to, or mailing it to Chief Executive Officer National Disability Insurance Agency, GPO Box 700, Canberra ACT 2601.

We strongly advise that you send your request in writing (either by email or by mail) and that you also send a copy to your Local Area Coordinator and ask them to acknowledge receipt. Keep a copy for your records, as you should with other vital papers.

Step 4: Speak with the NDIS

While it may take the NDIS some time to respond to your request (up to 3 months), if it’s been more than 16 business days and you haven’t heard from them, contact them and inquire about the status of your review. If you wish, you can ask your LAC about your desire.

In some cases, the NDIS may want further information before evaluating your request. If this is the case, you can request a face-to-face meeting to explain why you are unhappy with your existing plan and why you want to alter it.

 Ensure that you have any supporting paperwork that may assist your case with you during any subsequent meetings. If you’re concerned or think you’d benefit from having a friend or caretaker with you during the meeting, know that you’re welcome to bring someone with you for support.

Step 5: Review your NDIS plan.

If your request is approved, you should request a copy of your revised plan and double-check that the modifications you requested were implemented correctly.

If your financing or the categories of services covered have changed, make sure to notify any service providers who are affected by the change.