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How to make the most of your Core Services budget

What if I told you that your Core Supports budget is the most adaptable?

If your NDIS plan includes Core Supports, you can spend your finances in a variety of ways. While this allows you to be more creative, it can also be overwhelming for some people. We’ll look at some of the more imaginative ways you may use your Core Supports funding to help you think outside the box.

What exactly do you mean by “core supports”?

The NDIS has 3 supporting budgets: Core Support systems, Capacity Building Supports, and Capital Supports.

Core Services help you with day-to-day tasks and provide the essential support you need to live your life and achieve your objectives.

This could involve house cleaning if your disability prevents you from doing so, obtaining continence pads, or having a support worker accompany you on a shopping excursion.

Your Core Services budget, moreover, is variable. This implies you can apply your funds to any of your Core Supports categories (except Category 2 – Transportation). This adaptability opens up a world of possibilities.

What can I do with my Core Support funds?

You can spend your Core Support budget on a variety of items. Let’s look at some additional innovative ways to use your Core budget now that we’ve covered a couple of the more frequent ones.

Therapy: If you’ve used up all of your therapy funding (which comes from your Capacity Building Support budget), you can now pay for sessions with your Core budget. This permits you to continue receiving therapy without worrying about running out of Capacity Building funds.

Care during a break: A stay in specialised Short Term Accommodation (STA) can provide a much-needed break for both you and your informal support network. You can use your Core Services budget to cover the cost of your time in STA, which covers any help you receive and also any activities offered by the facilities.

Options for fund management and flexibility

One thing to keep in mind is that Core Support budgets can only be used flexibly if they’re all administered in the same way.

Keeping up with the latest in flexible finance

The NDIS frequently modifies which services can be accessed with your Core flexibly supports the budget.

Keep an eye out for updates on our website and social media pages to make the most of your investment. Keeping up with the latest NDIS news is a wonderful way to make your plan a reality and get the most out of your funds.