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How We Better World With Quality Care

Who wouldn’t want to lead a life of consistency, free of all kinds of pressures and worries? We’re all sure. Every one of us would like to have a life of this nature! As people, surrounded by wonderful family and friends, we still want quality living with higher expectations. But for everyone, it is not becoming a reality. Particularly when it comes to a certain number of people in our community who need assistance, such as the elderly and specially qualified people.

It is very important to trust the service provider you can count on in order to provide help to such individuals, whether in the family or the community. Being available all the time for your loved ones may also be a constraint for you. Therefore, as a renowned service provider, it is very important to have a well-reputed agency in place that can take care of all the demands to offer vital, quality community resources to improve the lives of people who are aged and have disabilities.


At Authentic Life Care, with the assistance of our trained experts, we strive to continually develop and devise creative ways to provide our customers with customised services through reliable, committed means. For quite some time, we have been delivering care services in Australia. It was previously used by older people, but after some time, consumer needs have evolved and the services given have also been diversified.

Our team is committed to making sure that the services delivered are reliable and have a major industry-standard in compliance with the NDIS guidelines. We are proud of our team and you can count on our skills as a home care service provider, too. In Australia, we are a licenced NDIS service provider and can help with a wide variety of NDIS services. Our services concentrate on providing:


  • To suit your needs, 24/7 home care facilities

A number of our customers have asked for an opportunity to receive services from home. Therefore, we have diversified and made changes to the facilities based on their requirements.

  • Experienced nursing facilities

With our team of skilled and seasoned experts, without any doubt, you can depend absolutely on our services. We guarantee that all the specifications as specified by our clients are fulfilled without fail.

  • Versatility

There is total flexibility in our plans and facilities. We guarantee that the customers get care services as and when needed at any time of the day and also the finalised location according to their preference.

We also implemented schemes and incentives as a licenced NDIS service provider to help people with disabilities. This requires all Australians under the age of 65 to have a permanent and substantial physical or mental disability with the fair and required assistance.

This could include:

  • Providing personal treatment and motivation
  • Provision of connectivity for contact with the community
  • As per the requirement, therapy services
  • Support with hygiene, laundry and personal facilities
  • Accessible transport facilities for people with disabilities

With this, individuals with disabilities can be helped to access and sustain conventional programmes. The following areas cover the services and assistance given to Australians:

  • Health industry
  • Sector of education
  • Righteousness
  • Aged Care

Assist in the group with contact

  • We aim to provide community engagement programmes, including participating in sports clubs, community organisations, shopping in malls, meeting and connecting with friends, engaging in community events.
  • With NDIS systems, the service that is reasonable and is immediately needed can also be charged and protected. This implies they are linked to the disability of a person and are expected to live an independent life for them.


We are a leading provider of supportive care services in Australia and our mission is to involve people in the things they would love to enjoy, encouraging them to strengthen their abilities and help them grow their personalities. This has been planned specifically to help them lead an independent life without any help from others. We value every client’s uniqueness because we genuinely believe that every person is special and can play an important role in the development of society as a whole. Our emphasis, therefore, is always on preserving the quality of life and developing their skills so that we can help them resolve any difficulties they face in life.