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Key Considerations for Self-Managed Home Care Packages

Thankfully, the Australian government’s Home Care Package program provides financial support to make this possible. When managing these packages, there are two options: provider-managed or self-managed.

While self-managing a Home Care Package can result in lower fees, it requires significant organizational and financial expertise. In this article, we’ll outline six things to consider when self-managing a Home Care Package and tips for choosing a provider and selecting services.

What is a self-managed Home Care Package?

A self-managed Home Care Package means you’re responsible for choosing and scheduling support workers, managing your budget, and resolving any issues. However, you’re not managing the funds directly – they still go through an approved provider, who charges a lower fee than for provider-managed packages.

To successfully self-manage a Home Care Package, you’ll need skills in choosing suitable support workers, scheduling appointments, managing your annual budget, providing direction and feedback to support workers, and resolving issues and conflicts.

What are the benefits of self-managing a Home Care Package?

There are several benefits to self-managing a Home Care Package, including lower fees, greater control over services and scheduling, learning new skills, and greater fiscal control.

What are the risks of self-managing a Home Care Package?

Self-managing a Home Care Package can come with several risks. These include missing out on essential services, an outdated Care Plan, budget mismanagement, incompetent care workers, lack of a formal complaints process, and difficulties with technology.

How to choose a provider to ‘administer’ your self-managed package Even if you’re self-managing your Home Care Package, you still need a provider to oversee the funds. A provider will charge lower fees for a self-managed package, and you can use Authentic Life Care to find a suitable provider.

How to select services and workers when self-managing a Home Care Package

Your provider will offer a mobile application or online platform for managing your Home Care Package. You’ll need computer literacy to use the platform, browse services, and select support workers. You’ll also communicate directly with support workers to negotiate fees and schedules.

In conclusion, self-managing a Home Care Package requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge. While it can result in lower fees and greater control, several risks should be considered. By understanding these risks and following the tips outlined in this article, you can decide whether self-management is right for you.