Over  4.4 million people in Australia have some form of disability. That’s 1 out of  5 people. 17.8% of females and 17.6% of males in Australia have a disability. With the increase of age chances living with a disability is increased

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is for Australian citizens who provide disability services. Authentic Life Care is a service provider in Melbourne, Australia registered with NDIS.

Authentic Life Care was conceived to integrate people with disabilities into all aspects of life, particularly the workplace and the marketplace.

Sensitivity toward people with disabilities isn’t only within the spirit of the Authentic Life Care, it makes good business sense. Authentic Life Care has specialised staff. It can facilitate the expansion of your practice, better serve your customers or develop your audience.

When staff and colleagues use disability etiquette, employees with disabilities feel more comfortable and work more efficiently.

Practising disability etiquette is a simple thanks to making people with disabilities feel welcome.

You don’t need to feel awkward when managing an individual who features a disability. This blog provides some basic tips to you to follow. And if you’re ever unsure a way to interact with someone who includes a disability, just ask!

The Basics

Ask before you help

Just because someone includes a disability, don’t assume she needs help. if proper treatment is provided to the disabled people there is a maximum chance for them to be fine in future. Disabled people must be treated like normal people and independent people. Offer assistance as long as the person appears to wish it. An individual with a disability will oftentimes communicate when he or she needs help. And if he or she does want help, ask how before you act.

Authentic Life Care also provides household work for the disabled person to make their life easy by cleaning rooms, light domestic household work, changing beds and also preparing your food according to your requirements.

Be sensitive about physical contact

Some people with disabilities depend upon their arms for balance. Grabbing them, whether or not you intend to help, could knock them off balance. Avoid patting an individual on the pinnacle or touching his wheelchair, scooter or cane. People with disabilities consider their equipment a part of their personal space.

Authentic Life Care has trained staff who knows who to deal with disable people. Authentic Life Care is a service provider which provides travel and transport  facilitation to disabled people.


Think before you speak

Always speak on to the person with a disability, not his companion, aide or signing interpreter. Making chit chat with an individual who incorporates a disability is great; just refer to him as you’d with anyone else. Respect his privacy. If you ask about his disability, he may want you to treat him as a disability, not as somebody’s being. an easy “I don’t feel comfortable sharing that” by the person with a disability can set the tone if it’s not something that he/she is willing to share.

Some people cannot speak properly, so Authentic Life Care provides interpretation and translation services to the person who has the disability or faces difficulty to speak.

Don’t make assumptions

People with disabilities are the most effective judge of what they will or cannot do. Don’t make the selection for them about taking part in any activity or projects.

Disabled who are willing to do some activities or projects Authentic Life Care provides community participation in getting out best in them.

Respond graciously to requests

When those that have disabilities evoke accommodation at your business, it’s not a complaint. It shows they feel comfortable enough in your establishment to evoke what they have. And if they get a positive response, they’re going to probably return and tell their friends about the great service they received.

Authentic Life Care responds to the disabled people in any possible way which is through online or outdoor meetings. Authentic Life Care also provides nursing care for their disabled people because it is necessary for Authentic Life Care to take care of the health of their customers.

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