Your Post-Hospital Care Guide

Your Post-Hospital Care Guide

What is the definition of post-hospital care?

Post-hospital care, also known as transitional care, is a form of treatment that tries to assist patients with returning home or returning to their previous level of care following a hospital stay.

After being discharged from the hospital, certain patients, particularly the elderly, may require more time to recuperate, and post-hospital care is offered to assist them.

What services may be provided by post-hospital care?

Post-hospital care is a form of service that focuses on providing clients with short-term care, usually for a duration of 12 weeks.

Physiotherapy is one of these treatments, and it might be beneficial if you were admitted to the hospital as a result of a trip or fall.

Nursing assistance is also provided, as well as referrals to a social worker if necessary.

In addition to these services, you can get support with more normal day-to-day requirements to help you recover quickly and successfully.

While the services are only meant to be utilised for a limited period, they focus on each patient as an individual, and personnel are educated to assist you in achieving your own particular recovery objectives.

How can I submit an application for post-hospital care?

During your hospital stay, a doctor or nurse should inform you if they suspect you will require post-hospital care once you are discharged.

This will necessitate you being examined by a Senior Care Evaluation team, who will pay you a visit during your hospital stay and perform a quick assessment and ask you a few questions about your condition.

If your evaluation determines that you require post-hospital care, a team will assist you in contacting a qualified provider to arrange the care you require when you are ready.

Is it necessary for me to pay for post-hospital care?

While the Australian government subsidises home care, including post-hospital care, you are required to pay the cost of services if you are able.

These fees are usually calculated as a daily care charge by your post-hospital care provider depending on the services you demand.

The entire cost will be affected by whether you receive post-hospital care at home or in an external aged care facility.

The daily care price will be no more than $10.10 per day if you want to get your care at home, where professionals will visit you in your own home to offer care.

This charge can climb to $49.07 per day if you get post-hospital care in a residential environment, such as an elderly care home.

What if I’m already getting some sort of help?

If you are already getting care, such as as a resident of an elderly care facility, you may be able to get your post-hospital treatment there as well.

If this is not feasible, your spot, as well as anybody who is already getting a Personal Care Package, will be kept for you until you return.