In 2021, The 7 Best Jobs for Physically Disabled People

In 2021, The 7 Best Jobs for Physically Disabled People

If you have a disability, the return to working life might seem uncertain, but there are good jobs out there for physically disabled people.

There is nothing like the satisfaction of putting the best talents in the workplace to the test. There are jobs out there that fit your experience and abilities, no matter what sort of impairment you have.

In every sector, you will find great work opportunities. The unique abilities of individuals with physical disabilities are starting to be recognised by companies.

Now that the market is more open to work seekers with disabilities, seeking a job suitable to your talents is easier than ever. And it is less likely that, depending on your disability, you will be turned away.

For people with disabilities, the unemployment rate was 9.2 % at the end of 2017. Although the unemployment rate for qualified work seekers is almost double that, this is a major drop from the rate in 2012, which was 13.4 %.

1. Accounting Specialist

You can administer financial matters for consumers as an accounting or bookkeeping professional or work as a desk assistant. It’s a perfect way to use quick thinking, expertise in planning, and effective communication.

And best of all, from anywhere, it’s something you can do. Depending on the sort of accounting, the average income varies from $40,000 to $78,000.

2. Advisor

You should rely on your own experiences to support others, whether you’re a guidance counsellor or a vocational counsellor. Why not help other disabled people handle their schoolwork, find jobs, and live their everyday lives?

You can enter a rewarding profession as a counsellor that can allow you to help improve the lives of students and adults with disabilities. The average salary is roughly between $50,000 and $60,000.

3. Assistant in Medical Administration

Working in a medical office or hospital department as an assistant guarantees that you can do a job without being mobile. An administrative assistant handles any part of the office simply by arranging files, answering the calls, and managing paperwork. Stuff wouldn’t work at all without this job.

To help those on staff appreciate what other patients are going through, many employers will also respect your expertise.

The salary will vary widely, depending on the role—as an office assistant, a technician, or a manager. Around $35,000 to over $100,000, you should expect something.

4. Call Center

It offers you plenty of flexibility to work at a call centre and does not require any advanced experience or training related to working at a call centre. All you’ll need with the right training is a computer, a telephone and a headset.

There is a range of customer service jobs available, whether you are in an office or working remotely at home, that you can do over the internet. There’s a high proportion of people with disabilities working in these positions because of the ease of the job.

It has an average salary of about $30,000, but if you rise in the ranks to become a boss, the number will go up.

5. Judicial Assistant and Legal Assistant

To work in the legal profession, you don’t need a costly law degree. This industry provides many career openings as a legal assistant, a legal clerk, or a paralegal that are easy to manage from a desk.

While a two-year degree is required for some of these positions, you can also look for qualifications or training programmes to break into the industry. The average salary varies between $50,000 and $65,000 annually.

6. Technician in Pharmacy

You may work as a pharmacy technician or assistant, a position that needs little physical labour and produces a respectable salary.

Either way, this might be the right job for you if you have an engaging attitude and like to interact with people. Wages vary from around $30,000 for a pharmacy assistant or technician to $100,000 to $120,000 a year for a pharmacist.

7. Other Work From Home Careers

Here are a few other sectors that are currently searching for remote workers if you need the versatility and accommodation of working from home.

Nothing more than internet access and a computer is needed for freelance writing, web design, technical support, sales, and data entry. You can work as an independent freelancer if you have unique talents, including creative writing or photography. Working in these jobs from home helps you to schedule your hours and control your revenue—depending on when and where you will work.

 The Bottom Line

Industries are changing—and along with them, recruiting practices are changing. Discrimination against persons with physical disabilities is no longer a barrier, and there are plenty of opportunities out there that provide you with the right accommodation and skillset.

You can get a head start on your job hunt with this list of positions for physically disabled people. It might not be easy to find the correct career path for you—but it will be worth it.