The disability service provider is working for people who have different disabilities to make their life easy and comfortable, we have specialised staff to perform their duties for disabled persons.

Authentic Life Care is registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme(NDIS) working in Melbourne, Australia.

As a name is shown Authentic Life Care is a disability service provider for the disabled person to give them services to achieve their goals and make their future bright.

We need to make each and everything available to everyone with a disabled person.

People Who Use Wheelchairs or Other Mobility Devices

Some disabled people have a physical disability who use wheelchairs or other mobility services to perform their tasks.

Authentic Life Care provided services to those who can’t perform their work like household, take care of themselves, travel, take part in activities outside from home.

Authentic Life Care staffs perform your task by providing light domestic household work, changing beds, laundry, and help in other activities.

And also prepare delicious and nutritious home-made meals using components and recipes you relish.

From supervising a home delivery to organizing a gardener or maybe assisting along with your pets or shopping, we can facilitate your to coordinate the percentages and ends of life.

People who don’t go outside the home ii service provider provide service for them to take care outside the home and fresh their mind by changing their environment.

Also, take part in activities and projects by participating in community participation or their personal activities and projects related to their business and jobs.

People Have a Low Vision or  Who Are Blind

Blind people or people with vision impairment face difficulty to perform their task. It is very difficult to travel, to go outside for their work, activity and projects for people having blindness.

Authentic Life Care helps disabled people by taking care of themselves and providing a platform for their projects and activities.

People Have a Hearing Loss or Who Are Deaf 

People who are deaf and the hearing problem here at Authentic Life Care the interpreter service for the disabled aims to promote the possibilities of persons with hearing impairment.

These people need an assistant or translator to communicate from their side.

The person needs to have good communication in their work or home so Authentic Life Care provides services by using this service they feel comfortable and also makes their work easy.

People With Speech Disabilities

For speech-disabled people, ALC provides translation and interpretation services. The speech-disabled person has the right to live a normal life as other people live.

Interpretation means the printing of a message through linguistic communication or another equivalent communication method. 

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